Speed benchmarks

Do any speed benchmarks exist comparing giga pixel when using different GPU?

How much of a difference from a 1080 ti vs a 2080 ti?


I don’t know if there are actual benchmarks as you would a closed test with exactly the same base hardware and the same image. But, based on the core specifications, and that the 2080 Ti is based on the Turing GPU architecture which features Tensor cores for AI I would suspect at least 30% faster than the 1080 Ti.

Also the 2080 Ti has more CUDA cores, larger memory bandwith and faster memory than the 1080 Ti.

But I believe, if leaks are correct, the RTX3080 Ti will blow the 2080 Ti away when it is released.

Remember there also needs to be the latest core architecture to get the most out of these super GPUs.

I’d be interested to know about that difference for long running operations for large images and “quick” operations on small images.

I have a 1070 right now and I am definitely looking forward to upgrading this time around to something much better for the 3000 series regardless, but its fun to know the specifications.

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