Specifying a new folder for models (macOS)

In the macOS Preferences > Directories, by the field for specifying the Model Folder, shows a text popup when hovered over, saying:

“The folder where the models and resources files are located. For most users, it is NOT recommended to change this setting from the default.”

When is it recommended to change that setting? Might it be a good idea to do so if downloading many models causes the app size to become very large (memory issues, or similar) ?

Are there any potential issues to be aware of, if one did change the folder? Could the folder be anywhere in the Finder?

In general changing where models or files from the app are stored can cause disconnection issues and cause the app to crash or not be able to process videos correctly. The app is written to look for the models in a certain place and moving them from there can lead to issues.

Oh I see OK.

But why is the option there then?