Specify start and stop time for filters to process AND Color tweaking

A couple selfish requests :slight_smile:

Many times I wished that I could apply a filter with specific settings to a certain portion of a video and then use different settings on another part. Currently, if you want to fix up a video that has inconsistent quality issues then you would need to cut the video into sections, upscale those individually, and then reassemble them. Being able to be more granular with where in the video we apply a filter could be a BIG time saver for some people.

Also, being able to tweak color, contrast, hue, brightness, etc in the app would also eliminate extra steps and tools that I use which would save even more time.

I have heard people trying to word this request several times, but not quite conveying what you just did. This would make TVAI so much more powerful. I think the biggest impediment right now is that FFMPEG works off of key frames and time stamps.
It would be awesome to be able to input an array of TVAI filters that only run for the duration specified. Of course they would all have to be outputting to the same resolution.

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I see the keyframe as a way to make it happen vs being an impediment. FFMPEG is able to apply a filter to a portion of a video if the filter has timeline support. The thing that would be difficult to work around is the interpolation/temporal filters that need multiple frames to work with.

It’s an issue because key frames don’t always happen at scene changes—and that’s where most people want to change settings or make cuts.