Special Offer of 40% Off?

Received email to get 40% off Topaz products only problem is that it seems you have to buy what you don’t need to get the offer! For example I never shoot in Jpeg so I would never use the Jpeg to Raw convertion at a cost of $56.82 in the offer or $99.99 without the offer the only two I don’t have are Sharpen A I $45.45 and Gigapixel A I at $56.82 in the offer but outside the offer $99.99 and $69.99 so $102.27 against $159.09. To me not really an honest kind of offer in the first place as it is trying to get you to buy what you don’t need. Now JMO and others will see it differantly. Russ.

I would have thought that 40% is fairly reasonable for software, I use JPEG to RAW but only on some older images and phone images … I guess it is hard to offer only what you would like in a general campaign that goes out to all :slight_smile: