Spammers issues

Hello all your wonderful forum members and moderators. As many of you know we had a pretty awful spam attack going on from Christmas Day until Friday the 28th, the posts made by this individual or caused by the individual were for lack of a better term, quite disturbing.

We’re extremely sorry that many of you were exposed to the shallow, disruptive and frankly demented content that was posted, commented and PM’d as part of this attack.

We’re implementing new measures to combat this type of content and to prevent it from happening again. If you were sent any PM’s by this individual by any of the alt accounts they created please forward those messages directly to myself or @JoeFedric-TL so we have a record of all posts should we move forward with legal action.

It’s extremely disturbing to be faced with these sort of childish, rude, and demeaning content in a forum that has remained largely peaceful and has been populated by such wonderful users. We hope you continue to use and enjoy the forums we’ve provided as a way to connect Topaz Users and share their work, should you ever find posts that you feel violate our community standards please use the flagging tool to bring it to an admin’s attention.

A big thanks to our awesome mods for helping mitigate and manage the flagging, removal, and tracking of these posts, comments and users. The work you do on our forums is amazing and we appreciate each of you.


@HeathRobinson, @JoeFedric-TL
Thanks for all the good action.
I have received a PM from this guy but I do not know how to forward this to you guys. Please let me know how to do this.
After this please delete this disgusting and violate message as I can not find any way to get rid of it. Thank you!

There is an invite button at the bottom of the message. if you click that then enter my @HeathRobinson tag to add me i believe

Thanks. Done

It should be taken care of now. Please let me know if you’re still seeing it.

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Thanks much Heath. It is gone!

I’d say that our moderators do an excellent job. As many times a day that I stop by, I didn’t see anything unusual. Thank you.

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Thanks for your work.