South rim

This is one of my pictures taken at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. I lived in AZ for five years and the nickname for it is The Big Ditch. Many good memories. :smile:


Majestic …well done.

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Very nice capture and edit West !!

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Nice photo. I like to take “landscapes” and recently downloaded Topaz Studio 2. Can someone give help me to figure out how to darken the sky on my photos using Topaz 2 without darkening the rest of the photo? I used to be able to do that with the software that came with my Windows 7 computer but the software with Windows 10 doesn’t seem to have that feature. I downloaded TS2 and its seems to have so many options that I am getting lost trying to find what might do this. So I thought I would ask here since your photo has a really great sky. Also as an aside I can’t seem to figure out how to post my own topic so that in part is why I posted here. I just don’t see how to add a new topic in one of the community threads. Hope someone can help with my questions.

In Studio 2 , choose the HSL filter and select the Blue color. You can then darken and saturate a blue sky. If it affects some other area then use the mask brush to remove the effect. The mask is the eye icon at the top where the trash can is located.

To make a new post select the category (Showoff spot for pictures or other appropriate cat.) then click the blue + icon in the lower right of your screen. You may need to post up to ten comments before being allowed to post a picture. To add a picture use the Up arrow icon in the group above your post.

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