South Kansas Sunset

iPhone photo, processed with Topaz Studio - AI Remix, Dual Tone and then Impression.



I like the original and the edit.

Nice color and details boost …

Thank you very much for the very nice comments, @Laundromat and @RatRodStudios, I appreciate them very much!

I like the original better, because of the very nice silhouette between the sky and trees.
The PP version is interesting but a little strong for my taste… maybe lower the opacity setting a touch?

They are both very nice…but i do like the 2nd one better.

Thank you very much for the nice comments and suggestions, @cre8art and @digital2006.

You all have inspired me to make a version where I mixed the two using masks and other things…


I like the revised version better, the sky is less gritty looking.

Thank you very much for the ideas, @cre8art, I can see making a few different variations of this…

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