Sony RX-100 V Raw cannot be used

That’s how it looks like imported in PhotoAI 1.2.10 from LR:

Compare to the original in LR

PAI bends the everything to the center of the picture, like fish-eye effect. So it is not possible to process a Sony Raw file wit PAI.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. transform algorithm needs to be corrected.

Topaz Photo AI [1.2.10] on [Windows 10]

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Use Edit in if your using LR transform or sync with the original RAW.

Hello @thomas.bause,
it looks like you identified the not-applied lens correction I mentioned here with another camera.

You can easily confirm this via working around the lightroom plugin.

  • Select the ARW Raw Photo in Lightroom

  • Right Click the Photo and select “show in Explorer” (I don’t have a windows machine, so perhaps someone can confirm this) to show where the file is stored

  • open Photo AI from Windows Start Menu (not via Lightroom Plugin!) and load the identified file (I think you can drag and drop it on PAI also)

  • check PAI Preferences to make sure Lens correction is enabled (which is default on)
    *Process the raw file

  • click on “save Image” and make sure to select “Location = original folder” and “Format=Preserve Input Format”. In the queue you should see a resulting filename as the original filename with a suffix and dng extension. Click Save.

  • head back to lightroom

  • select the lightroom folder where the original photo is located. You can do this via right click and something like “goto folder in library”

  • right click folder and select “sync folder”

  • keep "import new fotos selected and import

  • check the imported dng file for the bending you’ve mentioned. I’d bet it is gone.

It would be great if you could verify this for me.
If my Instructions are way to detailed for your knowledge, I apologise.

If my assumtion is right, your problem is the missing lens correction in the PAI lightroom workflow which is especially problematic for lenses with high distortion on cameras which include lens correction information in the RAW files. Sony RX100 seems to be a perfect example, since the need of digital distortion correction is part of the compromise to have such a tiny little camera which such a great potential.

Thank you very much for your reply!

The described work-around is correct.

Result: indeed the bending is gone. But somehow the outcome shows a different temperature/colour and it is a little bit cut on the right hand side.

I guess I prefer the alternative to right click the photo in LR and open a TIF-copy for processing in Photo AI.

Maybe the developer of PAI offer an bug-fix in the future to open an ARW - File via the LR file menue.

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Yes this is the alternative. But it means to process a tif-copy instead of the raw-file.

@thomas.bause please send me the file so I can check what is happening.

The lens correction is a known issue. I would like to test the color shifting on the output when using Photo > Edit in > Topaz Photo AI.

You can securely submit your image(s) to my Dropbox using the link below. Please be sure to send me a note to let me know you sent something.
Dropbox File Request

Sorry Lingyu for the delay, I was really busy the last weeks. In your dropbox you the original file ARW extention, the dng after applying PAI and and exported jpg version (export out of LR Classic).

And here is the comparison in LR Classic: orginal vs. PAI-applied

Thanks for sending the files over. I just tested in v1.3.3 and I could not reproduce the color shift in stand alone or LrC File > Plug-in Extras > Process with Topaz Photo AI.

Can you update and let me know if you still see the color shift?

I updated to Photo AI V1.3.6 and figured out that the preview in PAI has got no changes in colour. The change occurrs when pressing the button “save to Adobe Lightroom Classic Plug-in”.
I exported from LR the wrong coloured dng-file into a jpg-file. The colour-bug is persistend so most likely it is not an issue of LR.

I use a calibrated Eizo high resolution screen. So you can exclude screen issues also.

Odd, I wasn’t able to reproduce on my computer just now. Did you make any adjustments to the original image? Can you try resetting the output DNG to see if that fixes the color?