Sony Just Launched a Sony alpha 7R Mk IV (7/16/19)

High level specs attached… There will be people shooting with these new full frame cameras that may be wanting to use Topaz products of one ilk or another in the coming months.

61 mp Full frame. High numbers of stops. Higher levels of dynamic range. More accurate color. etc. are being touted in the press conf I’m watching right now. That implies a greater expectation (if the cameras deliver all that’s promoted) by the camera’s users of processing software that reflects/enhances what their medium format cam is capturing.



Have any idea what price runs for ?

At the press conference they quoted $3,500 US dollars. Rollout is set for this Sept.

B/c it was positioned as excellent for movie-making too there were a bunch of accessories that were mentioned that will launch at the same time - several of the accessories (wireless connectivity for tethering, audio capture, a vertical handgrip mount, etc.) seem to be falling roughly in the $400 US dollars range.

They mentioned the cam uses a new “E” mount that will accept a bunch of users’ different lenses - sort of a universal mount to avoid the need for adapters is how it sounded to me.

And, they claimed it provides the 1st real-time Eye AF as part of the movie-making features. (But, keep in mind we saw a bendable tablet from Samsung in their press conf. too & we know what’s transpired since then… As a former tech mktr and CTO (for the small/med biz sector) at a Fortune 20 I know about spin and have a healthy skepticism about features claims until proven in the mkt - as a gadget addict I’ve learned to not jump in and purchase the 1st new tech off the line for my personal use too).

You might be able to view a recording of the press conf announcements on the B&H site. They were sponsoring/promoting the event.

Thanks for the info. I have the AR7iii and really like it. Will be watching…

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For sure a good camera but it comes with a price tag which is beyond my pain threshold. I touched this already when I invested in the 5D Mark IV. 60 Megapixel is enormous but I guess this is for professional photographers and not for leisure guys like me.


I heard rumors Canon may be developing a 100mp cam. It’s becoming a ‘name that tune’ situation with megapixels; for each upping, the other guys feel they have to beat it. Versus find their own way to differentiate. Yes, price point creep also limits the target demographic. But, ditto for software that moves from a $25-35 range to $75-100.

Oh well…maybe I just move to the Phase One IQ4 150 Megapixel midformat. This is only around Euro 40,000 :wink:


These are some stats Sony threw around during their press conference. Again, coming from a tech mktg background, I wonder how they might be ‘lying with statistics,’ but assume it’s not really wildly off-base wrt the shift in types of cameras customers are gravitating toward.

I only use my DSLR now if doing bird (or fast moving nature) photography with the heavy DSLR on a tripod. My mirrorless doesn’t refresh fast enough - even though it allegedly supports 10-12 fps. All my other shooting is with a lighter weight mirrorless from Olympus that’s 4 yrs old (or, a semi-pro featured point & shoot - from Sony; also getting old).

Clearly the trend is to mirrorless over DSLR for interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs)…

Interesting @Fotomaker and yes, it seems that the trend is going towards mirrorless which makes sense. The trouble is if I decided to sell my DSLR the price I could achieve would be so low that I stay away from this. If I ever decide to buy a new camera it will be mirrorless for sure.
Thanks for the information provided.
Cheers Peter

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