Something's fishy

Went to the Florida Aquarium the other day. Saw many fish I recognized and many more strange looking ones with strange names that I can’t remember.

Slightly painted with Impression.


This one looked to be hiding in a cave.

Done in Studio…wish I could remember what I used.


Both are great captures with nice edits. I particularly like the first image with all the varieties shown. Really glad to see things are getting back to normal for you and being able to post again.


lovely results … nice lightning.

@tennie, I found a great preset in Studio that works well with some underwater shots I had from an aquarium … called “UW CAVE DIVE”


Great captures, especially the first one …reminds me of those animated desktop screen savers.


Great results. Well done.

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Somewhat more normal. A lot to do yet, but we did get out every day after Irma passed through…mainly because of AC in the car and ability to charge phone and tablet.

It is nice to be able to work on photos again…and thank you for your support throughout!


Love them both, Tennie, That second guy looks nasty!

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Beautiful captures. probably not easy to take the shots through the glass

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Both are very nice shots, I love the expression in the second image!

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Sharon, where do you find this preset? I’ve looked, but there are so many categories and presets that it’d take forever to find it! Thanks!

@tennie just do a search - type in uw and it should appear, that’s how I find it :slight_smile:

Thanks @ShazzyCo It didn’t work smoothly but it did eventually get me there. Worked great on the shot I used it on and now it’s in my favorites!!! :innocent:

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