Some radiant extra from garden

Actually this was first practice with release version of Mask AI
Original layer copied few times masked on one layer and another with Studio > radiant effect

And Starting point workflow from Mask Ai First compute and switch to contrast mode after first compute
Here are plenty of nearby colors and contrast some fine tuning but prettu much this was it


This is a wow image …

Nice photo and excellent use of Mask AI

Thanks Bob and bow to the old welho seen your work for years

Thanks Xiao Lin all best for your photography period I´m just dreaming for that

Wow ! So beautiful !


Thanks Pierre as allways garden has treasures to find bees like this very much

Thanks spesial note for Don action makes life much easier allmost forget that on CC have to take that on use

Dons post on that

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Nice original photo and great transformation!

Thanks Ken

That’s a beautiful image…very well done.

spectacular edit!

Thanks Marty

Thanks for watching Peter