[Solved] RTX 3090 crashing 100% of the time

Hi everyone.

I had a GTX 1080 before which was slow but working fine without any crash/freeze ever. Now I switched to a RTX 3090 FE (only HW change to the system) and every project freezes the workstation into a hard reset after a while - in the last two days since installing the 3090 I haven’t been able to finish one video longer than a few minutes. One time it even froze the workstation when just moving the comparison slider during a preview.

It is not a thermal or power issue, since I can run Furmark, FutureMark, Cyberpunk 2077, etc. on 4K Ultra Raytracing, which puts 100% load on the GPU for hours without any issue whatsoever. I enabled “Reduce machine load”, lowered the RAM usage without any change. I’ve set up the application in the Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling of Windows 10 for high performance - no luck either.

This is extremely frustrating because VEAI was one of the reasons, if not THE main reason, I got the 3090 and now it’s literally the only application causing massive issues. GPU Rendering in Cinema4D works flawless, Stable Diffusion AI works flawless, every other application works as it should - just VEAI crashes every single time.

Here are my versions/specs - everything is running @ stock speeds:

Windows 10 21H2
Nvidia Drivers 522.25 (Latest GRD, Clean install)
Video Enhance AI v2.6.4 (Says no update available)

Gigabyte AORUS B450 I Pro Wifi
Ryzen 7 3700X
32GB DDR4-3000
RTX 3090 FE
750W Seasonic Prime Platinum

Any help is appreciated because I’m running out of options and I need this software working.


Have you tried the Topaz Video AI Early Access v3.0.0-8 ? :thinking:

Thanks for the suggestion, I might check it out but it seems I eliminated the problem - I was able to process 45min of footage over several hours without a crash while working in other applications and I tested multiple situations that led to freezes before, without any problem.

As a last resort I updated the mainboard to a new BIOS version, which I never do unless I face major problems (never change a running system) and this was such a case. Unfortunately it introduced new problems (won’t get beyond POST with slow upspinning USB drives attached) but it’s a 24/7 machine so it’s the lesser of two evils.

I’m just happy it seems to works now - thanks for trying to help.

Apparently “updating” the BIOS to F63c reduced the PCIe 4.0 Link-Speed from 16GT/s to 8GT/s which resulted in a 10% performance hit on the GPU. This is exactly why I don’t do BIOS updates - one problem goes, two new problems appear. I wish Topaz Labs would have done a better job, now I face problems I never had before just because it was the only application causing problems.

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If you want, change the mainboard to a more actual one, and go for Asus.

It’s in consideration, thanks for the suggestion. It looks like AMD revoked the PCIe Gen4 support for B450 boards - although it works perfectly fine, Gigabyte had to remove it in later BIOS versions.

I will give the latest BIOS version supporting PCIe Gen4 a try and cross fingers VEAI will stay stable - else I’ll get a new mainboard, not sure about the brand yet.