Solved - Gigapixel AI standalone version 6.2.0 does not save images to pc

Hi all,

Gigapixel AI - I need help, please :slight_smile:

I just bought the standalone Gigapixel ai program v.6.2.0 and it does not save images to my pc.

I only used a x2 scale and the standard model, which it downloaded separately, after downloading the program.

None of the following things I tried solved the problem:

1. logout and login again
2. restart the pc
3. firewall and pc security settings do not show issues
4. using cpu or graphic card for processing
5. using jpeg or png file formats to save

I donโ€™t know what else I can do to make it work.

Can someone help me please?

UPDATE: The problem was a too long path where I saved it to (too many subfolders). When I saved it to a shorter path, it worked.