Solar Imaging

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I use Studio for my astrophotography. currently that is for solar imaging of sunspots. I use different functions during the processing of an image. A new layer is created for each process, including other functions within PS. For example, there may be a layer for Levels and one for Detail (Studio).

What is confusing is that later in the process I might want to go back and use Detail again. Even though I have not moved any of the sliders, it already looks like changes have been made to the preview image. It’s as if it has a memory of the last time I used it and is implementing that setting even though the sliders are set to zero/no change. this is disconcerting.

An example of a sunspot image.

Is there some way to avoid this, or reset all settings to no change?

Please advise. Thanks. Eric

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Not sure of what you are doing but I assume you are using smart objects from PS. If you are they are not supported in Studio except for re-entering Studio as the adjustment settings are not retained.

The only option for reuse of settings is to edit completely and only in Topaz Studio by using Project files (.TSP) which retain settings for each adjustment or layer used.

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I am not using Smart Objects, Just copying the most recent layer and applying the Topaz Studio of choice. So the last layer might be a Smart Sharpen. I make a copy of that layer and apply the Details from Studio. In some cases even before I change anything in Details, the image is changed. Where does that come from? I assume that nothing will change in the image until I move the slider.

What am I missing here?


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So, if I understand correctly, you are doing the following:

  • Applying a filter to a layer in PS;
  • Duplicate that Layer;
  • Calling Studio (Detail) passing that Layer from PS.

If this is so then what is happening is that the last used adjustments, those that were applied last, will be retained and applied so you will need to reset the Adjustments on entry to Studio by clicking the anti-clockwise circle with an arrowhead on the bottom right.

Another aside is that the Smart Sharpen filter is a 'Smart Filter" so you are probably best to create a stamped layer rather than duplicating the layer before calling Studio.

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Thanks. I just tried that and it worked. I was looking for a reset, but never found that button. :smiley:

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