Software won't let me sign in

I own Topaz Video AI but I haven’t upgraded to the latest upgrade. My understanding was that I now own the outdated software for life and don’t have to resubscribe, if I am happy to not have the latest updates. However it won’t let me sign in and insists of “trial mode”. I used to have a paid up sub but can’t afford to renew at this time. I have ALL other Topaz software have been using Topaz for over a decade and spent a lot of money with them. This seems really unfair.

Your license policy should be fine. It’s probably an issue with the authorization servers that process the logins. This afternoon I noticed some of the servers were very slow in response time. It’s always a possibility for the occasional hiccup in the auth.

If the problem repeats itself and doesn’t go away by tomorrow you should open a support ticket.

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I tried going back to my account and downloading the version I own. I was able to get into the software however the interface is changed which makes no sense since I’m using an older version. It should be the same as it always was but it’s not. I’m confused. I use the software to export tiffs from my video to edit as stills and the brackets that used to be there to indicate the start and end of the edit are gone.