So confused about gigapixel 7

At the November black friday event, I quized Topaz about the lack of the previous option to purchase a deal that allowed me access to upgrades for all three programs (Sharpen, deNoise and Gigapixel) which I have owned and stayed up to date on upgrades since their initiation. I was told that this was no longer available/necessary because all development was going ahead within PhotoAI (which I now use exclusively in place of Sharpen and DeNoise standalones). Now I see that gigapixel has apparently been upgraded while the equivalent element of PhotoAI has not. Was this all a trick to ensure people could not purchase an annual upgrade that included gigapixel? Is image upsizing going to be removed from photoAI? The Topaz site is uttely unclear about the future of these programs - it is still even unclear about the stand alones and Photo AI.

Come on Topaz - be straight with the customers - thanks