Snoring Tiger, Hidden Dragon?

Made from a screenshot of a webcam feed. In Studio, I started out with the technique @ShazzyCo used recently. I blended a marker drawing image with a photo, then went from there. Still a “work in progress”, I need to address the purple areas.


Nicely done …

I love cats, and this is beautiful!

Color and treatment perfect for that feline.

Fine job. Must be a day for tigers, I also worked on a tiger image yesterday, will post a little later :grin:

Very nice…

Nice work Shazzy.

Can you get rid of the purple fringing in PS using chromatic aberration tools?

Thanks! (Although, I’m not actually Shazzy)

Great suggestion! Used AP’s defringe filter, and chromatic aberration filters on it… got rid of the purple.

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Great capture! You got rid of the purple nicely but now there is some green on the tiger instead. With some masking, you could replace that with orange like the tiger.

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