I love the new AIs. In fact I have been so itching for even more choice, I have begun running images through and then bringing outcomes into Topaz to further changer them. Great creative inspiration and lots of serendippity…’
This posted one is only Topaz though. Haven’t been sure what to do with this AI pattern but I think this sort of shot is very appropriate for it.


A man after my own heart - Dremascopeapp (often) - and then thru Topaz Studio! Keep up the great work.

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love the low viewpoint


Well, a woman after your own heart!! you sound as if you have been at the AI angle longer than me. Any tips on what works best?
I saw in a comment that Topaz is working towards us being able to use our own style references- as soon as they can get the time taken down and have it running without using the Net. Really looking forward to that - and anything you and others like me are learning will be of use here then too.

If you have older Photoshop versions, there is a filter included which transfers the ‘color scheme’ from one photo to another. PhotoFXlab also had that facility (called InstaTone).

AI - what works best is that which coincides with your own sense of adventure and creativity. But presets with a lot of lines do like photos with many linear elements. Don’t forget to adjust the Low/Mid/High adjustments to each preset.

I use a lot of fractals and put my photos through the Dreamscope app as well, before (or after) going thru the Topaz AI engine.

Keep experimenting! And keep posting! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips!