Snapdragon elite X support

Hi team,

Love the product on my mac, but that machine unfortunately died. I bought a snapdragon elite X surface laptop and would like to run photo ai on it, but unfortunately can’t. Any news would be greatly appreciated (before requesting a refund on my recent renewal).


Can we get a response on this please?

@bas-claxon @jimmy.batchelor

All of our applications require AVX instruction sets in order to install our applications.

The Snapdragon Elite processor does not support AVX. We are working on supporting the new Windows ARM systems in the future. Although I can’t give a definite timeline, I can assure you that this is on our developer’s radar, and they are working hard to find the ability to support these processors.

I have added this Forum thread to an active list to be reviewed by the appropriate development team. This helps give us more insight into the processors our users are upgrading to and the direction we need to take for future releases to fulfill that need.


Just for the sake of completeness: my macbook with m1 cpu ran topaz just fine (until my mac died that is). No avx there either. I do appreciate your reply and understand it’s not just a matter of simply recompiling.