Smart move found in other Lightroom plug-in

Normally and historically, all Lightroom Classic plug-ins can’t/won’t change the raw file while processing a (raw) picture. Instead they create a DNG or TIFF file, that is many times bigger than the original. This can be useful, when passing through Adobe PhotoShop when layers or many plug-ins are involved. But in any case, all those big and extra files are a nuisance.

Thing is DxO – the current developer of the Nik Collection Software – managed to get around it.

Instead of creating a DNG or TIFF file, they managed to get the changes’ instructions back to Lightroom. I don’t know if it is part of the sidecar file or inside the Lightroom Classic catalog, or both. Maybe they create their own sidecar file. I’m aware that using AI processes might not be something to write down as mathematical instructions and vector notations. I’m sure this is something worthwhile to look into, isn’t it?

Wouldn’t that be useful to Topaz Labs software as well? It is evident that this would make the workflow a lot easier.

Best regards,
Thierry Hoornaert