Small Waterfalls in the Garden

First used Studio with a preset I created and shared called Colorful Radiance Pop, then applied a Simplify adjustment from within PS.



Very nice indeed

Thanks much @Mond. Thought I’d play around with making a new preset since I’m having trouble testing any on the community in Studio. Was happy with this look, you or anyone else is welcome to give it a try as start off preset and tweak it to your liking?


Love the result and I’ve been meaning to tell you that I like the new avatar you are sporting.

Not over-done …just the right amount. Super job.

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I like both the original and the processed version. I really like how the forum puts the two images on top of each other now when you click on them, @JoeFedric-TL, it really makes it nice for seeing all of the differences between the images, especially when they are subtle, like some of the nice work you did here to remove some of the little distractions, like the diagonal line behind the tree (a roof?) and the frame and shadow.

Also interesting how much the small red flowers add to the image… :smile:

This was a new feature in the latest version of the plugin I use to display topic preview thumbnails - didn’t notice that until you pointed it out. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Kathy_9 for the comment on the image result and new avatar. Wasn’t sure about using the new avatar, it appears rather small with the artwork of the full body of the image and paint brush I added? Was wondering if I should have just used the face so it would appear larger? What do you think… It’s staring to grow on me and seems ok?

Thanks @BobKramer for your viewing and comment… always appreciate the feedback.

Thank you @KenKv for the comments. I also really like being able to compare both the original with the processed image with the new feature… by clicking on the image or using the side arrows. It really allows you to study the result.
The diagonal line (roof)? and other distractions … was removed by just using the preset not by me. As far as the little red flowers, I had to dial down the saturation on those… they were a bit too red and distracting. Thanks for the feedback.

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I like it as is and if you click on it you get a little bit larger view.

Thanks very much for the feedback @Kathy_9… I feel better about it having someone elses’ feedback. When I first used it , it had a fuzzy look, then I thought… hey, why know use some Detail on it? It really helped bring out the details and added some color punch. I have always thought you had a pretty interesting avatar too. I like trying to create new avatars, it a challenge but fun. Thanks again for your comments.

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I like the PP you used, helps when you have such a pretty little scene to start with.

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Thanks @jack1dalton for the comment, every now and then I get lucky with finding and capturing a decent shot to work with.

OMG that is lovely so enchanting well done!

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Thanks for viewing and the comment @marialeal, I appreciate the feedback.

Yes very lovely, I too like both of them.

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Thank you @gregasorous

I like this effect.
I would like to display some of my ‘before and after’ images the same way John. Could you tell me how you set this up. So that when I click on one image only the unedited version is visible. At the moment I have this feature but with the unedited version also directly underneath to scroll to (example - An English country garden) thanks.

It’s the Hide Details Option. You will find it by clicking on the gear icon which is the last icon on the right in the message/reply window.


Many thanks Kathy.

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