Slow processing - 720p to 1080p

I have a new question on processing. I’ve been upscaling subtitled shows from 720p to 1080p. Render speeds are pretty miserable at ~9fps.

Here are the videos in question (they’re all ~3Mbps and 12min long):

PC specs:
Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X
RAM: 128 GB
GPU: Nvidia 3080
HD: 10TB Seagate Enterprise
Windows 11 64-bit

Any suggestions appreciated,

Run the built-in benchmark, post the results, then compare the results to other similar systems.

The benchmark numbers were unrealistic:
Input 720p - Output 1080p
Every mode ~18-25fps

Never seen such large differences from what I actually see (~9fps). My only guess is that TVAI treats these videos very differently in the background/processing.

Any programmer suggestions/info would help, thanks,

The point of my suggestion was to compare your system to another similar one to see if your performance level is within the expected range. If it is, then your processing speed is not slower than expected.

FYI the benchmark and real world speeds are not usually the same, but the benchmark is a good tool for establishing a baseline performance level. Someone with double the benchmark speed than you will still get double the real world speed.

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Hi Albert,

The benchmark tool only runs the AI models and does not export any videos or write files to the disk, so that could be the cause of the difference in performance results between the benchmark and a real export. Overall though, 9fps could be expected performance for the 3080 depending on the filters selected in the app and the codec used for export.

Could you share your settings to get a better idea of what numbers you should be seeing?

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