Slow playback

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    Pressing anywhere on the timeline takes 5+ seconds for the image to show up.
    Encoding and processing is fast

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    i9-13900K, RTX 4090, 32GB DDR5 6000

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Can you elaborate on this a little bit? When you first load the video input in and then click on the timeline to move the play head you are saying it takes a bit for it to catch up and display correctly?

That’s correct. When I click on the timeline, it takes 5+ seconds for the image to show up. It used to be instant several versions ago.


Are you running any overclocking with this CPU? There have been reports of issues with them from the Intel community and manufacturers, which has prompted BIOS updates to be released. There is nothing in the logs showing a memory error or crash.

Might want to also check for a driver update on the GPU card from Nvidia.

No overclocking. It either happened after I updated NVIDIA drivers, or installed KLite codecs, which I removed later.
All my other video editing apps are working fine.

Slowback has always been slow for me. It’s choppy and not smooth at all.

What driver version are you running on the GPU now? We can try rolling back to a previous Studio Driver to see if that helps resolve the issue. NVIDIA drivers update page

I’m running gaming driver 555.99. but I don’t have this problem with other video editing software. I’ll try the studio drivers later today.

I just tried Studio driver 555.99 and it still lags when pressing anywhere in the time line.
My source video is H265 lossless.

Can you share your system profile for review as well? How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

DxDiag.txt (112.7 KB)

Hi, I just tried previous versions
v2.6.4 no lag, almost instant image when selecting different points on the timeline. CPU jumps up to 30% for a moment.
v4.2.2 1-3 second lag
v5.0.2 3-4 second lag
v5.2.1 5-10 second lag CPU stays at around 6% when selecting different points on the timeline.
13900K, RTX 4090. No such issues in other video editing software.
4K rendering in TVAI around 16fps.