Slow motion

Is there a demo video that shows Video AI seriously (like 1/16) slowing real action like running/MTB etc? Such stuff has been able the handle slow stuff, or create weird FX from what I have tried.

Thanks for any help.

I did few 1/16 Slow motion and it worked very well. try for yourself and see if you are happy with the results. you can try Topaz Video AI in Demo mode before you purchase it.

Hi and thanks.

I can’t just try VAI because my system is not up to par.

What sort of action were you slomoing? There is a huge difference between a car driving and somebody running, or trick surfing etc… I have had several attempts though the years that always ended up looking crap and people saying I had to pick my subject carefully.

I have seen some stunning results on videos, but I do not know what software was used,