Slow installation download speeds for Topaz applications


I’m installing the latest Gigapixel AI and the download speeds from the Topaz servers are throttled down to about 1GB/s … which is brutally slow for an application with 94 components ranging in size from 35MB to 350MB.

I wish I’d noted how long ago I started this installation, 'cause I’d love to be able to report exactly how long it’s taken to import. But I did manage to play through Close to the Edge, Fragile, Parallels and most of The Ladder while waiting for it.

Which is faaaaar toooooo looooooong for an installation!

The same problem occurs when downloading updated data files from the app itself when running.

This is a longstanding issue and really is unfair to people who’ve been using and supporting Topaz apps for years.

Are you using the in-app updater or directly from our Topaz Labs Download Page?

It’s happened under both conditions.

This time, I installed the most recent update downloaded from the web page. The updater then downloads the installation files required. 94 of them at a snail’s pace.

But I’ve also noticed similar throttling when updating models, etc. within all Topaz apps.

Just installed Gigapixel AI and I can confirm that the problem still exists. 104 files downloaded (one at a time) at a snail’s pace. There really is no excuse for this as these can easily be placed behind a CDN and downloaded in parallel…

Average download speed of 1-5 MB/s for files up to 2.6 GB in size, so a very, very slow install

Would you mind reaching out to Topaz Labs support so we can grab your installation log files and take a look as to what could be causing the slow model download speeds?