Slow 4k scrubbing and failed export over 4k

Anyone know how or why the 4k scrubbing is so bad? Trying to move between the timeline is a huge chore, moving frame by frame is also really slow. You have to sit there and wait for it to react.

I have a Ryzen 9 Laptop, with 3070ti and 32GB RAM. This should be able to handle this level of video scrubbing. Or am I expecting too much?

I have the latest version of Topaz and Nvidia’s recent updates.

Also, if I try to export Artemis with anything over 3840x2160, it gives me a red x, until I bring it below 3840x2160.

I tried switching to H265, but that didn’t do anything either.

Any help appreciated.

I would suggest opening a support ticket and send the logs in to the team for the export error you are seeing.

As far as scrubbing in the timeline, the playback inside of the app and moving along the timeline can be jittery and it is something the team is working on fixing.