Skin enhance

Sometime I made some test of dvd 720x480, im not a pro but after many tests I am still not satisfied with how it visually renders human skin. Look like pink body without deepness, they don’t give the feeling of depicting people, it seems like something is missing…
I dont know if its the video source, detail lost, i’m not good, but I think a work for enhance skin/body would be appreciated for make people a bit “real” and not a bunch of pixel

try to denoise well, this often makes details more visible. But if the source material has very low informations, then you can’t work with it and improve poetential is very limited. The only option would then be invent something new, for example if the nose is not visible, or the eyes are just few pixels. A Software could replace noise eyes, ears or what ever with something from a “database”, but then that would be created fantasy and that is not the goal of this software.