Size of text along top on right side and in drop downs

It seems that you have the space in your current layout to near double to text font size., all round. For those of us aging and with weaker eyes larger text would be a godsend! I grow weary straining my eyes to read and focus on the current tiny text throughout the operational aspect of the software!
The only needed response is “great suggestion Chris… it will be fixed in the next update!!”

Have you tried adjusting your display setting? I also am ageing and I have a 2560x1440 14" display which I have set the scaling to 150% which is the usual way of adjusting to suit your needs rather than adjusting the display resolution.

This adjusts your Text font size in applications.

E.G. Set to 100%:

Now set to 150%:

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I have mine set to 116% as part of my calibration routine. This sets the ASUS ROG PG348, 3440x1440 monitor up so that measurements on the screen match real world dimensions. In other words, an inch measured with a Photoshop, or Word ruler, is an inch across the screen.

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