Sitting on a table at Mugshots in Tupelo, Mississippi


I liked a lot this photo-art, would you be so kind to share what you did here? It seems you put in a lot of work! Congrats Don!!!

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Outstanding work

Thanks @DalsPhotography

We were in an early evening grill and bar. I set my Sony RX100 IV on the table and shot some HDR bracketed images. Three images were HDR converted into one using NIK HDR Pro. Cropping removed my wife’s head. Alien Skin Blow-Up was used to return the square crop to 4000x4000 pixels.

Clarity and vibrance were increased in LRCC.

The image was copied to PSCC where a duplicate was created. Topaz Studio was used to apply (as memory serves) Cezanne, Smudge, AIReMix x 2 and Vignette. Each modification was applied (by clicking the Apply icon and the next adjustment performed, then applied and etc.

Topaz Studio was closed and the image, now in PSCC, was blended with the original with minimal reduction in opacity.

I kind of start out, then apply adjustments with opacity and blend mode selections. Sometimes I end up with something I like. Sometimes I toss the result.

Each time I do this, I learn something new. Sometimes I use a mask.

Thanks @Ricci

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