Simplify: Problems with WYSIWYG

Hi, I’m having problems working with Simplify. I’ve used it in both Studio and FX and have the same problems. What I see is not at all what I get when I save. I’m using tff and saving as tff. Even before I save the image, the processed image shows differently in both Studio and FX… It will also show differently when I hit “apply” from within Simplify. There is a difference also in “Details” and “Adjust” but that difference is very slight & I can live with it.

I have 16G RAM, Nvidia Geoforce GTX 660 graphics card- driver updated (should be adequate), Win 7 Pro.

Make sure that you view at 100% in both places to compare … if it still is not the same raise a technical support request at the link at the head of the page.

Did a quick test adjusting one preset and 100% looks the same. I guess it’s fine, but It’s very difficult to work at 100% with images for this particular filter. Even 50% looks very different from 100%- all details are exaggerated quite a bit at 50%.

Does Impression do the same thing?

Although Impression is a little better it is still best to compare any effects at 100%

Thank you Don

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