Simplify Bug in Studio1.52

When I try to access Simplify, Studio shuts down. All other areas work fine Detail, Clarity, and Impression.

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Yes, the same thing is happening to me, as soon as I click on Simplify Studio crashes. Edges also crashes as well.

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Please specify what GPU you have and how much integrated RAM on the GPU.

Make sure that your GPU Drivers are up to date from the manufacturers web site.

Same here (Win 10)

Well AiDon, why don’t you specify the minimum GPU requirements? Updating video card drivers doesn’t change the OpenGL 3.3 support on the card which is what matters.

On one of my computers I only have a Intel HD Graphics 4000 and the demanding Impression, Texture Effects and Glow work just fine.

They’ve been specified since the introduction of Studio:

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Actually I don’t specify anything as Topaz Labs already specify it on their Studio site.

Part of the equation to run graphics intensive applications is OpenGL but also the dedicated vRAM memory.

The suggestion for you to post the details was so if a Topaz employee saw this post they could report to the developers there may be issues with that particular graphics card.

As you may appreciate there are many GPUs and they couldn’t possibly test all.

But that aside the HD4000 is the lowest supported card and has had processing issues previously as the HD4600 has.

I understand what you are saying AiDon, my point is that updating video card drivers probably won’t help with the issues stated here as the default OpenGL if working previously usually doesn’t change in updates much.

The topic of video card requirements as stated on Topaz site are GPU VRAM Minimum 1GB Recommended 2GB Optimal 3GB± this could be an issue for the above complaints. Also system RAM requirements. Something for the users to check-

However, for users to have issues now with Simplify when previous updates worked OK points in a different direction for the problem rather than System Requirements unless they have changed for the latest Studio update and Simplify.

There is a known issue with some Intel cards with the Edges adjustment. The fix should be included in the beta version (1.6), and we’re awaiting confirmation that it indeed works. If it does work, I’ll be pushing for it to be included in a hotfix release for PR (1.5.3).

Did 1.53 fix any of your Simplify problems?
Simplify simply doesn’t show for me

I did have a request from support to send my database file, which I did, but have heard nothing since.
At least Studio is not crashing for me, but I feel short changed not having full functionality.
I’m looking forward to 1.6 and a fixed Simplify.

Joe solved my Simplify problem by forcing my machine to sync with the server. I had been checking for updates and Logging-In endlessly to no avail prior.
If you have a problem, submit a ticket and wait for Joe to answer.