Simplify as a plug-in

Why is it no longer possible to download Simplify as a plug-in for Photoshop? Most software that you purchase is yours for ever - even if ‘forever’ means that an update of the carrier is no longer compatible, old versions of the carrier will still allow the plug-in to work. Simplify is no longer available to download. I wish to use this plug-in so please make it available.

You can download any of the plug-ins from here:

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Please tone down your postings as this is a user to user platform. And, also, at no time did Topaz Labs say that previous installers would not be available.

In fact a simple google search such as this would find them …

There is no need for you to be so aggressive. I know that this is a user to user platform. and pmeach has supplied the answer. I had done a google search and found no way of downloading Simplify.


Thank you for that pmeach. May I suggest to Topaz that there is a link on Topaz Labs to the site that pmeach has now shown me. It would be very helpful. Thanks