I’m used to being able to undo my last action in DXO, Photoshop, etc. (Mac OS Command+Z). But TOPAZ AI V2 doesn’t seem to do this.
Making adjustments can be a trial if I forget the original value, make a change I don’t like and then have to re-fine tune to get back to where I was…

Why is the Command+Z disabled in Topaz?

I agree, that would be really helpful. I’ll bring it up with our developers at our next planning meeting.

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+1 for sure. I’m running 2.3.2 - and I’m not finding a simple UNDO - am I missing something?

I just erased several items - took a while - and I want to REDO the last erasure to use other settings - and my only option is to undo everything I did up to this point?

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