Sidecar file entries for AI parameter settings?

I would like to see considered an xml sidecar file written (prefs toggle is good) with the same file base_name containing something like:


however is least likely to collide with any other potential use of the sidecar file.

For users that don’t want this sidecar file I presume not a big deal to default it off in Prefs.

For example, in the 04/30 Wolfson webinar, Joel used (understandably based on necessity) a kludgy work-around of putting the param values in the file-name. Ugh.

It would be great to have a better method of storing this data so it can potentially be read and re-used or for reference (documentation) of what settings were used.


Good idea. :+1:

An alternative option to consider would be for the Topaz app to auto-embed the (2-3?) parameters in the file name ala EasyHDR.