Should I upgrade my laptop to buy TVAI for enhancing converted VHS videos?

Somewhat similar to a question posed earlier, I am an archivist for a non-profit organization. The videos I have are all digitized using a home-quality VHS-DVD machine. Some of the recordings go back 30-40 years. In addition to storing them on DVD, I also take out individual clips and edit them together into little featurettes. A couple of examples are here: and here:

When I downloaded the trial version Topaz Video AI and attempted to use it, I was informed my 5 or 6 year old gaming laptop’s processor was not fast enough. The cost to replace it is about $300, and then there’s the cost of the software itself. Would the program really make that much difference to the footage, given the varying quality of lighting, original footage before conversion,etc? Should I just stick with the video editing software I have and not bother trying to enhance my files? I’d appreciate the input.

Are You talking about upgrading the CPU in your laptop? I didn’t think that was still doable.

What are the specs on the laptop? My guess is, if your CPU isn’t up to running TVAI your GPU probably also isn’t.

I have learned, since you asked, I’m apparently incorrect. That kinda puts the brakes on that idea. So I guess I’ll just to hold off on the idea of any kind of upgrade until I need to replace one of my computers. Oh well, since they’re all digital files now, I’ll just wait until such time as I can afford a whole new computer. Neither my laptop nor the desktop can currently hack the program, according to the specs necessary. Such is Life.

I wondered about that. Not many things you can still change out in today’s laptops.

Was it the app that told you your CPU wasn’t up to the job? If so, did the message actually say not fast enough, or was it the “doesn’t support AVX2” message? A relatively modern gaming PC should be able to upsample small videos, albeit slowly.

What are the CPU and GPU?