Shortcuts for increasing/decreasing brush size and feathering not working

The keyboard shortcuts for increasing and decreasing the brush size and for adjusting feathering are not working.

I’m using a Swedish keyboard, and the menu says the shortcuts are Ä, Ö, Shift + Ä, and Shift + Ö.

Topaz Photo AI [v2.0.0] on Mac

Can you take a screenshot of the shortcuts you are seeing? Was it working before?

You can also try setting new shortcuts. By default, the shortcut to increase and decrease brush size is [ and ].

These are the ones shown in the menu:

2023-09-15 000819

Now when I check the preferences, I see that the default shortcuts you mentioned are shown there.

[ and ] can’t be used as shortcuts on Swedish keyboards (this is a constant headache for us with software developed in the US, because you love to use [ and ] as shortcuts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), so that’s probably why this isn’t working. But now I know I can change them. Thank you!

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I appreciate your understanding about this.

Please let me know if I can help with anything else!

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