Sharpening in Denoise AI

Is it possible to fully turn off sharpening in Denoise AI. Even when I put the slide to 0%, still it is sharpening awfully much…

If you’re using another sharpening tool, don’t sharpen until you have run denoise.

Thank you Mond for your answer. But I would like just to denoise the pic, but not to sharpen it (especially not that much).

DeNoise, or any other noise reduction application, will enhance images that have been sharpened.

Would be nice to provide a screenshot of the image where you are seeing this

denoising the pic was the very first step, no sharpening has been applied before using denoise AI…
My pics are insect macro RAWs and I observe screen influence under heavy magnification. So if you have such a pic, you can easily see it yourself too
I tried to attach a short video which shows the sharpening, even while “Enhance Sharpness” is down to 0. But unfortunately mp4 is not accepted. And on pics it is not clear what I wanna show

Is the “Recover Details” slider set to zero? If not, I wonder if that could cause a sharpening effect.

@ ScottO - the “recover Details” slider is set to zero

I have uploaded the short video to Youtube . There one can see (if viewed in fullscreen mode) the before / after effect:

Was this ever addressed? I share the desire to be able to denoise without sharpening. For me, denoise is a first step and sharpening is a last step. I don’t want to do them together. In addition, the sharpening that I cannot fully turn off often leaves artifacts. :cry:

Yes you can disable Sharpness using the lowlight model, please note that the sharpening applied is a pre-sharpening associated with RAW processing as opposed to output sharpening:

I have tried this, but in some cases, it adds what looks like CA to the image.

( tried to add a photo to this post as an example but got an error message saying that I cannot add photos to posts.