SharpenAI: V3 vs V2

I quite enjoyed using V2 with some unexpectedly good results. V3 is like a disaster where only basic sharpen module gives acceptable results. Everything else causes halos, pixels shifts and Orton effect like look. It is so bad (basically useless) I would just go back to V2 in an instant if I found a way to do so.


@felis_silv and @daugridas:

This is the reason I wrote

I ask because I feel that the results with STABILIZE in V2 were better than those I get in V3 (see question 2).

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Can´t one simply deinstall v3 and reinstall the latest V2?

I’d better ask before I start uninstalling V3.


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For this reason I will stay with version 2. The results with STABILIZE in version 2 are excellent. It’s not good when the software gets worse. I just advised friends not to buy Sharpen AI version 3.

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I’m just surprised we still got no answer from the developers and not many more people are commenting here or elsewhere.

I hope this will be sorted in the next update; this should have never gone past an alpha build. It is much faster but that really doesn’t matter when results are abject failure.


I also find it very regrettable that Topaz representatives do not also take a stand here when it comes to such important matters.

Obviously, they only respond to support tickets, which in my opinion is a big mistake, because potential customers do not see the answers to official support requests from existing customers, and by not responding on the part of those responsible in the forum, they may not buy SharpenAI.

Therefore, I take the liberty of pointing out at this point that after initiating a support ticket, the problems described above (pixel shifts, etc.) were confirmed to me and a bug fix was announced as soon as possible in one of the next updates.

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I have at last managed to install V3 and V2 alongside each other. The key seems to be to get the FULL installer and not the online version, because that gives you the option of where to install the app and the resources it uses.

I started with an image where I was convinced that v2 was better, but on another image V3 seemed better, so because V3 clearly has advantages, notably speed and I like the interface better, I think I will start with that, keeping V2 in reserve for those images where V3 does not produce the results I want.

Of course, I should add that I was using it to retrieve a terribly blurred photo, and though the result looks a bit oversharpened with either V3 or V2, it is amazing what the software has been able to do. I still have not tried it on many images yet.

Am I right that if you use the masking tool, then the AI computes the corrections differently, based on just the area that is being done, and not on the whole image? If so, it would be interesting to find out whether if you have an image where only part of it is blurred (the back end of the bird is in focus, but its head is moving), is is possible to mask off the sharp bits of the bird, and have SAI correct the blurred bit? Maybe something to try at some point.

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I had a similar question:

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Just upgraded to 3.1. All the problems are still there. Very disappointed. This is essentially unusable for landscape photographer.

Just reinstalled 2.2.4 and works perfectly. I just wonder why Topaz is refusing to fix the current version?


The same here. With version 3.1, fonts almost always look terrible, too. I’m going back to version 2.2.4.

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I personally never mask in any Topaz program & instead process the entire image (maybe multiple times for different areas) and mask the results I don’t use in Photoshop or Affinity Photo, which have better brush engines.

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It is hard to believe the issue is still there are and present (v 3.1.2 2021/07/20)!!!

With Adobe catching up it will be hard to justify continuing with subscription

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Agree. Version 3 has issues for me with adding vertical lines to the right of poles and cables as seen in cell towers. Some lighter halos added around cables too.

Went to uninstall version 3.1.2 and cannot find the uninstalller in Windows 10. Topaz Sharpen AI doesn’t even appear to be shown in the Apps section to remove it.

Went ahead and installed the full download of version 2.2.4 and much better with less added pixels to sides of verticals and less halos. Seems it installed over version 3.1.2. Still no Uninstaller is shown in Windows Apps for Sharpen AI either.

Version 3 not ready for prime time.

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Has anyone already experience with the new version 3.2?

Yes, all the problems are still there, nothing improved.

Thank you for the info, then I can do without the installation. I don’t get it: the developers have to recognize the problems too. Version 3.x only scares off customers and the AI of version 2.2.4 works fantastic.

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I wonder if one of the responsible persons from Topaz Labs ever looks in here from time to time?

For more than 4 MONTHS BUGS are known in Topaz Sharpen 3.X, which make a serious use of this software in practice impossible: halos, pixels shifts and Orton effects!

These errors were confirmed to me in writing by a Topaz support representative, and when I asked about them again about 4 weeks ago, I received the following reply:

Both issues have been more complex than we think and we haven’t been able to fix these problems yet. We’re releasing a new upgrade this week but it won’t have a fix for this issue. Our development team is actively working on fixing both issues and I’ll keep you posted as soon as a fix is out.

Now yesterday, four months after the above mentioned bugs in Topaz Sharpen AI became known, another version 3.X (3.2.2) was released and - believe it or not - the known bugs are still not reported as fixed’:

Selling a sharpening software that is not able to sharpen images correctly because it creates halos and pixels shifts is an absolute NOGO in my eyes!

I wonder meanwhile if they offer existing customers a bug-free Topaz Sharpen AI version only after the 1 year of free upgrades is over?
I had bought Sharpen AI 2.2.4 incl. 1 year of upgrades more than 1 year ago and for the reasons described (halos, pixels shifts ) I can NOT use any of the upgrades 3.X included in the purchase price. Instead I still have to use version 2.2.4.

In my eyes, this company policy is an insult to paying customers!



Thank you for your post. I am in complete agreement with your assessment. I still use v.2.2.4 because of the reasons you innumerate.

naprosto s Vámi souhlasím, obvzláště když konkurence roste a ostatní SW nejsou tak náročné. divím se Topazu, že má tak špatnou politiku, že mnoho lidí bude Topaz opouštět včetně mě. Mějte se pěkně NEK

I am trying this as well. I installed V3, then when I try V2 it’s reinstalling V3 again. No chance to change directories etc. Seems like they are forcing V3 regardless of what version is downloaded.

The images I’ve worked with on V3 continue to be poor quality compared to V2 and the UI is being dumbed down for your cell phone user.