Sharpen producing jpegs incompatible with Hugin Stitcher

Not really sure what to add. The image produced from Topaz sharpened images using the stabilize function (haven’t tried other options) is completely munged up in Hugin. Hugin provide multiple ways to change the pitch, yaw and tilt of the completed pano. None of them work with panos created with Topaz Sharpen images.

I’m running a beta of Hugin for Catalina and Topaz Sharpen 2.2.2. I can run straight jpegs through Hugin and it responds normally. When I use Topaz output jpegs it doesn’t.


If your using a beta version of Hugin, notify their developers and include one of the JPEGS causing the issue.

Like I said normal unmodified by Topaz jpegs works just fine. Pretty sure Topaz is the problem.


As mentioned refer your image to the Hugin developers so they can determine what the issue with their beta is. Jpegs from Sharpen open in other apps.