Sharpen no longer allows my purchased product without a watermark

Hello, Sharpen no longer allows my purchased product without a watermark. And the error message doesn’t tell which version I have to downgrade to. The error message only says your update ended on December 25th, 2021 “your own is v.” without the following version number. Unfortunately, the program is not allowed to upload a PNG of the error message here. I guess I have the newest one, the 3.3.5

Log on to your Topaz account and then go to My Products. This should tell you if your subscription has expired and give a link to the latest version you can download.

The error message already tells me what my end date is, three days ago on December 25th, 2021, and since then there have been no new versions. The very latest version should be running and I don’t need to downgrade. If I am entitled to the latest version, what should I downgrade to?

Since there have been no versions, you should be entitled to that one. Best contact Support to ask them to sort it out. I believe this has happened to others, so it’s some kind of glitch in their accounts software.

Topaz’s use of dark patterns to try and force users to renew their subscription is extremely troubling. You have a GREAT product. Why mar the UX and your reputation? Why won’t you warn prior to upgrade that doing so will upgrade me to a version that falls outside my expired prescription? The way it happens today is my product gets upgraded, and then I’m prompted with the watermark BS, or forced to renew. To downgrade, I have to spend an hour figuring out when I purchased so I can go and download the older version, then uninstall the new one, reinstall the old one, and re-login. WHAT A ROYAL PAIN to do across all my Topaz apps. I KNOW what you are are doing this - hoping users will cave and upgrade. But it speaks poorly of your company and for that I will NO LONGER recommend your product to others.


Same thing happened to me at midnight 1 May in the middle of a job. My subscription expires 2 May. I have had no updates in several days, yet Topaz Sharpen now tells me I have a “Trial Version” even though I was told when I bought the product that I owned it. No obvious solution to keeping the updates/upgrades received within my 1-year window, till 2 May. No reply from Support yet. Job on hold.

I see I have the same problem. I have purchased every product they have not knowing that this issue would ever come up. The first few years i received free upgrades and now Im having problems with it all with them wanting me to downgrade! What? I havent had a chance to work with these products for several years due to sickness and now that I have a job I need to get done for someone looks like i am going to have to totally depend on photoshop to get what i want. I dont have time to reinstall and uninstall or be forced to sink even more money into this product.I loved this product at first but wish I had gone another route now. Kinda like bait and switch! I understand your frustration. Bonnie

I agree with this. Now going through this dark times trying to figure it out. Downloaded from my Products and my topaz is still asking me to renew.

Same. It suddenly suggests I downgrade to v. , which it won’t actually allow me to do. The renew and pay again button works fine though… I used it a little bit, but not anywhere enough to pay again just yet. Probably $5 per sharpen at this rate.