Sharpen Feature not operating | v2.4.0

Thank you for this new update…however, I’m disappointed with the update. Whatever I try there is no difference between the orignal and any sharpening applied. Noise reduction works, but the sharpening is just like it is switched off!!! No difference whatsoever even on images that obviously need some sharpening. I hope this can be fixed

Have you gone into the preferences to see where the settings are for sharpening. Mine is set to Medium (blurry and above). The default AI model set to auto.

You may want to make some adjustments based on your personal preferences.

Thank you - yes, someone posted that the default setting is “none” and needs to be set to “subject” I did this and it seems to be working OK now. I will go to settings again to ensure all is set to my preferences…thanks again

Glad you are getting the kinks worked out! I thought that several of the default settings for adjustments were a bit aggressive. I adjusted both noise and face recovery down and now they are closer to my starting points.

Personally I like the ability to create layers or “stacking” as it allows for an image to be worked in smaller pieces within individual layers. Since I don’t batch process it give me flexibility to better target smaller areas of an image with a new layer for an improved overall result.

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