Sharpen Color Change and Lightening of brightness/levels (Photo AI)

Color and levels are still changing color and levels in “Sharpen V2” and “Strong” but not in “Standard, Motion. or Lens Blur” sharpen. Images becomes a little more red/magenta, and lighter in levels/brightness/darkness. Been doing this since it’s release. Is this ever going to be addressed? Unusable at this point…thank God for the old Sharpen AI. Please don’t discontinue Sharpen AI until you fix it in Photo AI. AND don’t eliminate “Standard” sharpen in Photo AI until you fix the V2. This problem is on both the stand alone version as well as the Photoshop Plug-in. It does this in both the preview and the final result when applied.

Topaz Photo AI [v2.0.6] on Mac Studio/Ventura 13.6 Photoshop 24.5

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