Sharpen AI vs DeNoise AI

Is there a need to use Sharpen AI when using DeNoise AI? In the latter there is a sharpen, so maybe it´s the same? Am working with dng nature photographing.

Sharpen AI is for correcting focus, shake and general sharpening such as output sharpening.

DeNoise is for removing noise and as part of that process it may need to add sharpening to recover detail.

I have used DeNoise for some time now and I am very satisfied with the app, also when it comes to sharpening after noise reduction. So my question is if Sharpen AI can ad some more sharpening after having used DeNoise AI? The little I have tested so far the results are very bad.

I guess it depends on your own workflow and taste, I do use both but if your satisfied with your workflow as it is then don’t change.

I often use both when shooting wildlife on a long lens. The stabilise mode in Denoise is especially useful.

Ok, you mean stabilize mode in Sharpen AI. Thanks for your thoughts!

110% +1 from me. Just a noob but with Covid and 35-40C weather I have had a lot of time to work on this. Probably 100+ shots revisited.

I do not know if SharpenAi uses the same algorithms as the Sharpen utility in Denoise, or if Denoise can take it as far as Sharpen (note to self…check that out), but SAI Stabilise feature is VERY useful for long lens shots of wildlife and sports etc where there is movement, (camera or subject) if you want a pin-sharp result.

Then there is the focus setting. It is definitely different from Sharpen. Both focus and Stabilise seem to take longer than Sharpen, so I assume they have more to do.

In general I am finding that you need to try each one to see what works best.