Sharpen AI v4.1

Same issue as @clarkj, my Sharpen AI 4.1 install suddenly crashes on launch.

It did work before. Weird…

When using this latest version of Sharpen AI with a 240dpi jpeg file, the end result is a smaller file almost half the physical size and still 240dpi. Isn’t a smaller file size lesser quality? I’ve only ever seen an increase in file size in all previous versions of Sharpen AI as well as DeNoise AI and that makes total sense to me. Smaller files make no sense if sharpening has occurred. Why the change? I’m using SharpenAI’s standalone app on a Windows 10 PC.

DPI has no bearing on file size it is used by printers to print the image. Check the quality you are saving as in the preferences.

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Update: After the crash on launch issue did occur when connected to my eGPU, I launched on the built-in GPU and it started. Now it also launched on the eGPU again. Weird.

See my post above about the same thing. Last week suddenly Sharpen AI 4.1.0, Denoise AI 3.6.2, and Gigapixel AI 6.0.0 all suddenly started crashing on startup. All 3 programs have worked fine for over a year, but suddenly stopped working.

Have you raised a support request as you were asked to do?

Sigh. Another reminder of what I have already written days ago. And I submitted a support request before you suggested it and even before I posted asking a question about logs here.

Is there a possibility to save own custom masks? E.g. handy to have that to have a mask that rule out nadirs in 360 panorama photos during the sharpening since those are getting weird. Unless there be support for fisheye lenses’ distortions?

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@anthony.lawn Is Sharpen AI still being developed? Been a while since the last update.

It has been awhile, but I assure you it will be updated again.

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