Sharpen AI v3.1

This release of Sharpen AI has the same problem that is still problem also with newest Denoise AI (v3.1.1): the program strips of GPS EXIF information (as Lightroom sees it). Have to go back to previous version also with this as I had to do with Denoise.


Repeatable for me, GPU or CPU. Standalone or TIFF from DXO Photolab.

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The behaviour is when painting a mask, not when choosing from suggested animals.

I’m having the same problem, on my PC. Basically, manual mask painting is totally inaccurate now.


Great idea. Thanks!

Hi! So it’s great that there is an update, thanks for that, it is always good news, but it’s a 2.0 gb download and it’s only downloading at ~350 kb/s so it’s taking forever. Same thing happened to me when I downloaded a trial for DeNoise a few days ago with its latest update to try it out, took forever to download.

So I got no problem with the installation files being large, but maybe you could take a look at why the download speeds are being so slow. Either improve on the file size of the program and make it smaller or the server speed. It’s taking more than 1 hour to download the file…

Hello Topaz Labs and its customers,
I have just received an email reminder that a free update for Sharpen AI is available to me. Jolly good. However, in all the blogging in this section I cannot see a clearly defined “Download Here”, or similar signage.

A question for Topaz staffers: I am currently running Catalina on a Mac Pro and intend to do so until the end of 2021. I’m doing this as I wish to keep using another vendor’s motion graphic plugins whilst they decide whether to reinstall the said plugins in one of their plugins suites. Will using and Topaz Labs’ stills plugin, or Video Enhance AI not work if I keep taking your updates this year, whilst still running Catalina?

I did also try once painting. I’ll take another look just in case. Meanwhile, I guess you should raise a support ticket.

OK here’s a very quick mask I created in less than two minutes. So it must be something to do with your system. Please open a support ticket

I downloaded the full Mac update from the link in this post. I installed it but it says it’s a Trial Version. Why?

I have a Mac. Do I download the online or full version?

How do I use Sharpen AI with Lightroom CC?

I’m having the same problem, on my PC, also with newest Denoise AI (v3.1.1)!

Installed Online W10 version. Updated very fast - just a couple of minutes to complete install.
One quick test with a mask ran fine and saved correctly and also fast


You can download either the online or full installer for Macs (just be sure you don’t grab a Win installer).

The online will be a faster install process (typically) but the product should work the same with either. If any issues with the one you choose, try the other.

Go to the very first post at the top of this topic - the links for all the different installers are highlighted in blue.

Lightroom CC doesn’t support plug-ins - only Lightroom Classic does.

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According to me, Multi GPUs only worked in 3.0.0 (3x7950 HD - I7 3770k Delidded - 32GB - W10). It’s the only way to work “fastly” for me.

I know this is an experimental feature, but if you could solve this bug in >=3.0.1 I would be grateful ! (That would stop the emotionnal rollecoaster I feel at every new version and avoid me to roll back to 3.0.0 every time).

Another thing would be to optimize the cursor in masking. It’s a pain to use in 2021 (why not using mouse wheel to increase/decrease the size of the cursor, and press “Alt” to substract mask ?).

And last thing why such differences between CPU and GPU processing ? (CPU is still better)

Thanks for your consideration !

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Ticket submitted, thank you.

This will be my first update and I am confused about the difference between “online” and “full” The full whatever is humongous and the online whatever is only 7.3 MB. I don’t want to mess up my existing version. Which to do? I am running on a Mac Mini M1. I do not run from a host app.