Sharpen AI V3.0.2 "About" Pop- up box won't unpop (unable to close nor is entire info shown)

Just upgraded to Sharpen AI V3.0.2 and when I clicked on Help/about, the pop up box appears with only the following … “bs, All rights reserved” (I can’t read/see anything left of “bs,”). The pop up box does not open in the center of the application like it normally does, but is located in the upper left had corner just under the title bar (File,Edit, View, Account, Help). Additionally there is not way to close the pop up box with the exception of closing Topaz Sharpen AI since the full box is not shown including the “X” to close. I also updated Denoise and Gigapixel, and had no issues with opening/closing the about box since the full pop shows in the center of the application and does contain the “X” to close.

UPDATE: I was just received a notification that an update was available and it downloaded successfully; however, the “About Pop up” is still on the extreme upper left. Unable to close without closing the application or even verify which version is currently on my machine.

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Why I won’t buy it-

@FHT61 & @Rondo249

It’s the same here on Windows 10 system. Both of you are flying Beta Tester flags, so question. “Are any of these updates actually being beta tested ?”.

I know that I don’t test all products but I can’t speak for the other testers. Most probably are just testing if the app works with photos.