Sharpen AI v2.2.1

So far, this seems to have fixed the banding issues I was having using Stabilize. I’ve only processed one image, but it was 100% improved over previous edit.

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Hi Adam, There seems to be a marked color change, I wont say shift, during processing. You can see the difference between the Original, top left, and the three processing modes … which are different from each other:

The original is just a test image I use because it has solid color in each column with no change in RGB values, its only 600x400 so you can download from here and check processing … Auto was used for all:

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Just so you know, I can also replicate this in version 2.1.8 as well.

I don’t see the exact differences between processing types you did, but it is somewhat dependent on where you take the sample. There is a gradient of values near the boundaries that eventually stops changing after you get into the bulk of the solid color area. Apparently the software is homogenizing the local color based on the neighboring colors, and this is having an overall influence even at a distance from the other bulk colors.

If you put the three different processing modes on different layers, and set them to difference mode compared to the original you can clearly see the color transition zones at the boundaries.

The latest sharpen ai update is resetting my Mac right when it starts to download. I tried twice and my spring 2020 Macbook pro just instantly shuts off

Download of full installer worked for me without any problems on macOS 10.15.7.

I have been using Sharpen Beta for a couple of weeks now since updating my computer. The old machine crashed every time I tried to run the software. It was an 11 year old iMac running High Sierra 20gb of RAM. I’m now running a 2019 iMac on Big Sur and 8gb RAM (waiting for another 16gb). The install was quicker and easier on Big Sur. I have encountered no problems running the software. Any changes to a picture have been very subtle and not caused any problems with the finished image.
I used the full install not problems and all functions are working as expected.

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Do you have Big Sur? We’ve had some sporadic reports of the installer not working and we’re trying to contact the installer support to resolve this.

If you’re using the online installer, my only suggestion is maybe try the full installer instead. If that doesn’t work, then it might take a bit for us to get a resolution or for the installer people to update their software.

My guess for this is there might be slightly different behavior depending on how big the image being displayed is. I will take a look at it.

I talked to @partha.acharjee about this and he can correct me if I missed something or said something wrong.

The summary is that the network needs to do work on the image and it will change it slightly no matter what. We also do do some color correction to fix grid artifacts which may shift stuff slightly as well. The color shifts noted (at least on my screen) are not perceivable outside of the color picker values though, so I think this isn’t a major issue. However, if you find any very noticeable color shifts on non-solid color images we would want to take a look at that.

In Sharpen AI v2.2.1, when I use the mask tool and mask an area in a photo and click the right mouse button, a circle with a cross in it pops up with two smaller circles, one labeled ‘Add’ at the top and one labeled ‘Sub’ on the right side. For what purpose is this to be used - add what? sub what? Can you give me some instruction on this? Please.

Use the brush to add to the mask or subtract from the mask. I.E. Add = paint in, Sub = paint out

If you look at the Icon in the bottom RH corner, it will show White for ADD or Black for SUB or, if you use the overlay ADD=RED & SUB=blank

Hello, Adam. Gabriel Corban is my name.

  1. It is absolutely necessary that the files saved after using DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI, that when saving the files in the source folder, their name should contain in the suffix and the values ​​of the parameters used for that image.
    For example: “Mary Palmer -SAI S: 92 N: 11 G: 0 X: On. Jpg”. So, this is how the file name saved in the source folder should look like.
    I’m surprised that no one has noticed this so far, but it’s still not a waste of time to fix this problem.
    Why? In DeNoise AI or Sharpen AI we can compare only 2 successive attempts to correct the original image. In the source folder, if we had written in the suffix the set of corresponding parameters used for each saved image, after saving many attempts we have much better conditions for comparison and we know exactly from which set of parameters to resume for the best solution.

  2. In any of the 2 programs you are working on, after saving an image, that image disappears from the screen and the original image reappears. It is not good because I could continue to improve it using for example the “Mask” function (in areas where I am not satisfied) or even any of the other 2 still unused functions of the software, to continue the improvement.

I hope you consider the usefulness of the facility in point 1) which is the most urgent, in my opinion.
Point 2) has more to do with the extension of the operating facility, which obviously is not to be neglected at all.
Thank you and I would like to receive an answer, possibly to my address
Math. Senior Research-IT
Gabriel Corban
Bucuresti, Romania

  • 40-744-777795

SharpenAI has gotten really good and keeps getting better and better with each update. I have especially appreciated the amazing job it does with camera shake.

However, in my experience I have found some shortcomings.
Specifically, all versions have done surprisingly poor jobs with image SCANS, and with still frames created with VEAi. I suspect this is because working with such images has not been a goal so far. Hopefully there will be some attention paid to this matter.


I have the same question, and have been scrolling thru this forum for the past half-hour just trying to find an answer. Sadly, no answer to be found yet. The main thing I am learning from others’ questions & comments is that upgrading ANY Topaz app is at best a crapshoot, and more often brings a new disaster or obstacle rather than an improvement. My current thinking is that I’d do better to wait awhile before upgrading…

To put it simply the online installer downloads the components itself and the full Installer downloads the whole package before installing.

And what problems, obstacles or disasters that you have read about are you expecting to experience with either installer when upgrading your application?