Sharpen AI v2.1.8

If I Select All the images and select Auto Mode and Auto Settings will this apply both auto settings to all the images in the batch?

Thank you.

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I think so, and I tried it. When you click a file, it will tell you the result of the auto-selector, and you can see a yellow border around the label. I guess the auto-setting works.

I updated and now I get message I dont own Sharpen AI but of course I do

I don’t see an image loaded in the logs there, are you sure those are the right ones? Also make sure you aren’t using open with or dragging and dropping an image on the shortcut as that opens the program differently. Unfortunately I can’t say much else without more details.

If you select all the images and apply auto mode and auto settings, the program will save each image with its own auto mode and auto settings. You can also switch between images in the list and it should show you the settings it chooses.


Could you give me your logs by chance? Just open the app and then copy the newest log files and post them here. You might need to replace the extension with “.txt” in order to do so.

I am unable to verify ownership, but I can at least see what the program thinks is happening.

I am sorry where do I find the logs?

Here are a new set of logs. I loaded an image and selected “Auto” mode. 2.1.0 crashes immediately.
2020-08-01-20-21-57-Main.tzlog.txt (93.1 KB) 2020-08-01-20-21-57-QML.tzlog.txt (4.5 KB)

If you can open the application, you can get to your logs by going to Help > File Logging > Open Log Folder.

If you can’t access the app then the default locations are
Windows: C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Sharpen AI\Logs
Mac: /Applications/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz Sharpen AI/Logs

Thanks for the logs. It looks like the auto detect is crashing when trying to process the model. What processing mode are you using, and does changing the mode prevent the crash? You can check/change your processing mode in the advanced section of the preferences panel.

Also as a test, could you try turning off GPU and OpenVINO (both options set to No) and see if normal image processing crashes for you without auto? I want to verify this is an auto issue and not a tensorflow processing issue, which is the mode used when GPU and OpenVINO are both off.

I talked to support this morning and I was told that there was a small window of time where new purchases weren’t logged correctly. You may be able to contact support and get them to resolve it for you if it’s still an issue. Just open a ticket and give them your order information.

Turned off GPU and OpenVINO. 2.1.0 still quits. I tried to process image in all 3 mode’s and it still crashed when I click on “Save” set to tiff. When I leave “Save” set to DNG it begins to process and then quits. This is when using an “NEF” file.
When using a tiff file, 2.1.0 crashes when clicking manual preview update.

If it’s crashing on a TIFF it might be that it’s crashing when it’s saving a metadata tag we don’t support. If it finishes the entire image and then crashes at 100% that would be a likely cause, and I would need your logs and your image in order to fix it.

If you think that’s the case, please upload the image here so I can test it:

I plan on updating Sharpen and DeNoise tomorrow after a few more tests, so if this is a metadata crash I’d like to get it in before the releases.

I got 3 of your image uploads, and saving all of them as DNG or TIFF doesn’t crash for me. I didn’t see any logs uploaded, so if you’d add those I’d appreciate it.

I uploaded logs and sample image yesterday at 11:24 ET.

I had a simular issue w/Giga beta. Taylor Bishop was able to resolve the code to solve it.

Hope this helps!


I’ve checked with Taylor and I think you may just be using different processing modes on the different apps. Can you try looking at the graphics preferences in Gigapixel and use the same setup in Sharpen and see if it still happens? If it does, I’ll have to check with the AI team and see why the auto model isn’t running correctly.

Just processed an ARW image in Sharpen AI using a mask to selectively sharpen my main subject (Focus mode set at auto and then at 100%). Saved as a DNG, but the resulting file is corrupted and all my effort has gone to waste, since Sharpen AI does not have the ability to save a mask for future use and I now have to start over and create it again and try different options.
NB. This is a colour image

I am glad to say the error did not repeat itself on other images from the same batch, so it must be a glitch with that particular shot. I was able to process this one correctly by creating a TIFF.

213 Saves output as dng but crashes when output is tiff.

2020-08-15-21-56-31-Main.tzlog.txt (112.5 KB)
2020-08-15-21-56-31-QML.tzlog.txt (14.8 KB)