Sharpen AI v 3.2.2 Motion Blur makes image WORSE

My norm when working with Sharpen AI is to run it with the “auto” setting on, seeing how everything looks and then adjusting, if needed, from there. Often, the “Motion Blur” setting was the best one. With v 3.2.2, the Motion Blur setting, when on Auto, is actually much WORSE than the original image. This is not something I have seen with previous versions (and I’ve had them all). I have submitted feedback via the like/dislike feature in the program, but wondering if anyone else is seeing this?


Personally I haven’t but I would only ever use motion blur when the subject has moved.

Thanks, but you’re really missing the point. When you hit “Update Preview” it updates all the options (Out of Focus, Soft, and Motion Blur), so regardless of which one I use (which ever yields the best results), it’s never made anything worse.
Thanks for playing. Next?

Go to Graphics info. in the Help menu and press copy then paste the info here.

I hadn’t actually used Sharpen AI since updating to the current version, so today as a test, I took a quick shot of the upper part of a tree using a Samsung S10 smart phone. There was a significant amount of wind gusting, and quite visible branch and leaf movement, so on top of my normal handshake, I was expecting a shot that might benefit from Sharpen AI’s motion blur. Turned out the auto settings in the smart phone did a better job freezing the shot than I had expected.

The screen shot below show the comparison view at 200% of a small section of the shot (refer to the navigation view in the top right hand corner to see the section relative to the overall shot).

To me, the three comparison previews are not “worse” than the original, but as I would expect the sharpening has increased the halo effect around the branches.

“Motion Blur” to me is over sharpened and based mainly on the bunch of leaves in the top left hand corner of each of the 4 comparison views, my choice from the three options would be the “out of focus”. Might be interesting to hear what others think.

When I went to single view, and turned on Auto, Sharpen AI selected “Out of Focus” and “Normal” as its auto choice.

As for the shot. Shutter speed: 1/503 sec, Aperture: f/2.4, ISO: 50, Focal length: 4.32mm. Exposure Bias: 0.00ev, Metering mode: Centre weighted average

This is very true. I just purchased this software and I’m so disappointed with the results. My subjects look like paintings.