Sharpen AI v. 2.1.0

I upgraded to Sharpen AI 2.1.0 from 2.0.5 and now the noise reduction slider appears to have no effect (or, so small an effect that it’s difficult to quantify in whole integers).

I tried it with images I had previously processed and confirmed the new version (2.1.0) essentially does not apply noise reduction to the images (sharpening also appears limited).

I’m hoping this is a bug, but the more annoying issue is that when I tried reloading v. 2.0.5 from the full installer file I had saved on my computer, it just reloaded 2.1.0.

As I said, super annoying and worrisome as I don’t trust programmers to always “improve” products with new releases and I thought I had the option to roll back to previous versions when I saved the full installers.

Is anyone else experiencing these or similar issues?

I have upgraded denoise and sharpen, both don’t seem to work anymore. Every slider seems to have no effect at all. Very annoying !!!


I’ve updated Denoise AI to 2.2.11 and all of the adjustments are working as expected in that,


I’ve also updated Sharpen AI to version 2.1.7. The noise suppression slider is having no visible effect on either luminance or chrominance noise in any of the three modes (and that is viewed at 200 and 400%). The Sharpness slider is having an effect, but it’s not pretty. In Sharpen and Focus modes it just accentuates the noise, and in Stabilize mode it brings on severe vertical stripes.

I’ll see whether I can find a copy of the previous version to roll back to.